Download WhatsApp 2016

WhatsApp Plus is the alternative version of WhatsApp that comes with many additional features. These features include sending more video, better image quality, themes and hide their status. Created by a Spanish developer, WhatsApp Plus is an enhanced version of WhatsApp, which was built in 2012. The application is free and anyone can download it for use on your Android device. However, because the application is not official, it may disappear in the future. Important: The application is also known as WhatsApp + and WhatsApp Plus Holo. He has a blue background and a blue icon, while the official application is Green.

You may have already tried to change the wallpaper in the original application, but WhatsApp + contains 700 new themes that you can select and use for free. There are themes for video games, wildlife, retro colors and many more. Changing a theme will change images, colors and fonts, which also means its much better than just changing the wallpaper. Just open the theme selection screen and select any of the topics that were sent by others.

Mais emoticons There are many icons that you can download from the Google Play website, including the very popular Emoji app. In addition, WhatsApp Plus contains many more icons of other popular chat software such as Google Hangouts.